IPL 2017: Mumbai Indians vs Rising Pune Supergiant - As it happened...

By Zee Media Bureau | Last Updated: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 00:17

Live IPL 2017 cricket score and updates from Match 28 between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiant of Indian Premier League 2017 at Wankhede Stadium. Catch all live action and IPL highlights on Zee News.

24 April 2017, 23:36 PM


MAXIMUM SIXES- Rohit Sharma (three sixes)

STYLISH PLAYER- Ajinkya Rahane

MAN OF THE MATCH- Ben Stokes  

24 April 2017, 23:35 PM

Rising Pune Supergiant win by 3 runs

24 April 2017, 23:24 PM

Over 20 | Score 157/7 | Harbhajan 7 (2) ; Johnson 0 (0)

And it is the last six deliveris in the match with 17 runs needed from Mumbai to win. Hardik at strike and into the attack comes Jaydev Unadkat. First ball, WICKET! Short through the offside as Hardik slashes it over cover, in the air as Ben Stokes runs in from the deep, dives and takes a stunner of a catch. Hardik departs.

HH Pandya c Stokes b Unadkat 13 (11b)

Bhajji is the new batsman, but Rohit is at strike now. As expected, six it is off the second delivery. Pressure again on Pune now. 11 off 3 balls now. Fourth ball, slow off-cutter and Rohit slices it up, high into the air and Jaydev waiting...first stumble and then takes it. Big, big wicket indeed. Ohh...seems he hurt his head whilst taking the catch.

RG Sharma c & b Unadkat 58 (39b)

McClenaghan is the man in now as MI need 11 off 2 deliveries. And he departs of a run out.

MJ McClenaghan run out 0 (0b)

So 10 off 1 now. Last ball, six from Bhajji but doesnt matter as Pune register yet another win in the Derby game.  

24 April 2017, 23:19 PM

Over 19 | Score 144/5 | Hardik 13 (10) ; Rohit 52 (36)

And it is Ben Stokes into his fourth and final over. Three runs scored off the first two deliveries with one coming off the wide ball. Then follows three singles of the next three balls, good variations indeed along with good line and length. Single to finish off.  

24 April 2017, 23:13 PM

Over 18 | Score 137/5 | Hardik 10 (6) ; Rohit 50 (33)

And it is Jaydev Unadkat into the attack now for his third over. Third ball, single down point and Rohit notches up his first fifty this season. And then Hardik powering through to strike two back-to-back boundaries. The equation now reduces to 24 off 12

24 April 2017, 23:06 PM

Over 17 | Score 126/5 | Hardik 2 (3) ; Rohit 49 (31)

Imran Tahir returns back finally to strike off a wicket this time. First ball, tossed up, turns it away from the batsman as Pollard goes down the line to skyrocket it high, but it seems too short of the boundary. No fielder...Smith runs he distance from long-on to take the catch.

KA Pollard c Smith b Imran Tahir 9 (9b)

Hardik Pandya is the new batsman now. Last ball, spinning away from Hardik, appeal for a stump out and order from upstairs is NOT OUT.  

24 April 2017, 23:01 PM

Over 16 | Score 122/4 | Pollard 9 (8) ; Rohit 47 (29)

48 needed off 30 deliveries as Shardul Thakur steps into the attack now for his third over. Second ball, short, slight to the off and he dismisses it into the crowd with a pull over square-leg. Nine off the over in total. Strategic time-out

24 April 2017, 22:56 PM

Over 15 | Score 113/4 | Pollard 7 (5) ; Rohit 40 (26)

Ben Stokes returns to attack. His third over it is. Just two singles off the first half of the over. Fourth ball, slow to the off as the skipper slashes it down cover for a boundary, Rohit Sharma at his best!  

24 April 2017, 22:52 PM

Over 14 | Score 105/4 | Pollard 6 (3) ; Rohit 34 (22)

Off the last five overs 38 runs have been scored and 2 wickets taken. Imran Tahir into the attack. But Rohit seems to batter him off with to consecutive big hits. First a pull over midwicket for four and then a slog sweep over midwicket for a six.  

24 April 2017, 22:47 PM

Over 13 | Score 94/4 | Pollard 6 (3) ; Rohit 23 (16)

Ben Stokes comes into the attack now for his second over. He had started off with a wicket maiden. And he does it again! First ball, slow, seaming in, flat and off the inside edge of Karn's swinging bat, the bails fall off.

KV Sharma b Stokes 11 (10b)

Big Man Kieron Pollard steps in now. Over the wicket now. Fourth ball, quicker to the off as Pollard smashes it down midwicket for a boundary.  

24 April 2017, 22:44 PM

Over 12 | Score 86/3 | Karn 11 (9) ; Rohit 21 (14)

After a rather expensive over, Imran Tahir comes back into the attack. Second ball, Karn flicks it to Manoj at extra cover and...misses the easy catch. Having a bad day indeed at the field. Third delivery, tossed up to the off as Karn slogs it high over long-on for a six.  

24 April 2017, 22:39 PM

Over 11 | Score 77/3 | Karn 4 (4) ; Rohit 19 (14)

And it is Jaydev Unadkat in for his second over now. Three off the first three deliveries bowled- two, dot, single. Fourth ball, seaming in as Rohit carves it down to third man for a single. No effect of dew as of now on the pitch. Last ball, off side, over-pitched and Rohit scoops it behind the keeper to get a boundary. Glamorous indeed.  

24 April 2017, 22:36 PM

Over 10 | Score 68/3 | Karn 0 (0) ; Rohit 14 (11)

And it is finally Imran Tahir coming into the attack now with Rohit at strike. And Rohit strikes two boundaries in the over.


24 April 2017, 22:31 PM

Over 9 | Score 60/3 | 0 (0) ; Rohit 6 (5)

And it is Washington Sindar up for his fourth and final over. Three singles off the four deliveries bowled. Last ball, too full, didnt judge the length right as Parthiv was looking for the cut, and off goes the off and middle stump. This is Sundar's first IPL wicket.  

PA Patel b Washington Sundar 33 (27b)

24 April 2017, 22:26 PM

Over 8 | Score 56/2 | Parthiv 31 (23) ; Rohit 4 (3)

Daniel Christian up for his first over now and gets the dangerous Nitish Rana off the second delivery. Slow and short leg-cutter, off the top edge and flies off to Unadkat to third man.

N Rana c Unadkat b Christian 3 (9b)

Rohit Sharma is the new batsman in. Last ball, short length, to the off and the skipper pulls it above mid-on for a boundary.  

24 April 2017, 22:22 PM

Over 7 | Score 50/1 | Parthiv 29 (21) ; Rana 3 (8)

With power-play ending, the field restrictions are off while RPS continues with spin action with Washington Sundar into his third over. Three singles off the first four deliveries. Two more from Parthiv off the next delivery. Single to finish off as 50 up for MI.


24 April 2017, 22:15 PM

Over 6 | Score 44/1 | Parthiv 25 (18) : Rana 1 (5)

Shardul Thakur reintroduced in the attack, from a different end. Replays show that the ball had indeed carried Tiwary, bounced right underneath his fingers. Parthiv, meanwhile, has continued his form as he hits a 4 at the fine leg boundary on the 2nd delivery of the over. Rana also off the mark with a single.


24 April 2017, 22:10 PM

Over 5 | Score 35/1 | Parthiv 18 (13) : Rana 0 (4)

Ben Stokes comes to bowl and removes Jos Buttler in his very first over. Washington Sundar didn't make a mistake at the long on boundary. Big wicket for Pune. The RPS all-rounder almost dismissed Nitish Rana on the 5th ball of the over as well. The ball just didn't carry to Manoj Tiwary at slips.

WICKET! JC Buttler c Washington Sundar b Stokes 17 (13b)

24 April 2017, 22:05 PM

Over 4 | Score 35/0 | Buttler 17 (11) ; Parthiv 18 (13)

Unadkat brought into the attack by Steve Smith as the Supergiant resort to early changes in order to get a breakthrough. Edge and 4 behind the stumps on the 4th delivery as runs keep coming thick and fast. 7 runs off the over.

24 April 2017, 22:03 PM

Over 3 | Score 27/0 | Buttler 11 (7) ; Parthiv 16 (11)

Parthiv Patel on fire now, hits three boundaries for Sundar, on 2nd, 4th and 5th deliveries of the over before taking a single of the last. 13 runs off the over.