Nidahas T20 Tri-series final, India vs Bangladesh

Catch all the updates here from the final T20 between India and Bangladesh.  

By Siddhartha Sharma | Last Updated: Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 22:43
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Hello and welcome to the live blog of Today we will keep you posted with the LIVE SCORECARD and updates from the final between India and Bangladesh, to be played at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. It's a matchup between sides trying to prove a point. India, with an inexperienced outlook, would be eager to win the trophy and strengthen their credentials as contenders ready for the senior push. For Bangladesh, it will be a matter of stepping it up in a final and proving to the world that they have it in them what it takes to cross the line. As far as India is concerned, the whole complexion of the side looks balanced and Rohit Sharma's form will be a boost. Bangladesh, on the other hand, have struggled with their bowling and it will be seen how well and effectively senior pros like Mustafizur Rehman finish their overs. Shakib-ul-Hasan, the Bangladesh skipper did rotate his bowlers well in the last game against Sri Lanka and that is why they could restrict SL to a gettable 160. 

The only thing which India will be wary facing Bangladesh will be their strong batting. Starting from the top to the lower middle order, Bangladesh comprise of matchwinners in Mushfiqur Rahim, Tamim Iqbal, Mahmudullah and Shakib. Even though Sri Lanka kept getting back in the game, the Bangladesh batters showed mature approach and navigated their way to the final, beating the hosts twice in the tournament. The last game which saw a heated exchange between both sides attracted a lot of flak and could put Bangladesh under-pressure against India. The match will be played on a freshly prepared wicket, which could see a lot of runs being scored. 

India won the toss and decided to bowl first. As expected, Jaydev comes back in the India XI in place of Mohammed Siraj. Bangladesh is unchanged from the last game. 

18 March 2018, 22:42 PM

Oh Man!! this is some chase. Fully filmy with DK turning out to be the hero in the end. What a shot to end the game. Proper cover drive. Beautifully placed. Have India finally found their middle-order man. I say certainly yes. He should have been sent before Shankar and had that been done, India could have a finish much early than this nail-bitting thriller. Well done India. 

18 March 2018, 22:39 PM

Soumya Sarkar to bowl the final over. Starts with a wide. Shankar misses another. He is having a bad day in office. A single thankfully. India need 10 off 4. Its on DK to take India across the line. Single now. India need 9 off 3. Shankar it is now on strike. Can he overcome nerves and hit a big one. Quite filmy. Let's see if we are to witness a climax like one. Four!!! Shankar steers a yorker between thirdman and point. Six no Out!!! Shankar lifts but doesn't clear the boundary. Gets caught and DK is on strike. India need 5 off the last ball. Can he do it? Nerves for DK, nerves for Soumya. Six!!!!! DK wins it for India. Insane batting this. India win the Nidahas t20 Tri-series. DK 29 off 8 balls. Superb batting.  

18 March 2018, 22:30 PM

Dinesh Karthik walks in. Rubel to bowl. Six!! Karthik bunts it over long-n for a maximum on a low full toss. This is getting interesting now. Four!!! Karthik is on fire. Next ball he finds perfect placement at midwicket. India get 10 in two balls. need 24 now. Six!! DK DK, you beauty!!! Stands deep in the crease and flicks to square-leg for a six. 16 in 3 balls. A dot ball finally. But match on certainly. A two again and India need 16 from 7. Another boundary. That one very much AB de Villiers-ish. DK shuffles towards off and scoops it over fine-leg for a four. India need 12 off six. 

18 March 2018, 22:23 PM

Fiz is back. Shankar on strike. Misses that. No run. But have India made the right call by sending Shankar in place of Karthik. God forbid India lose, this question is certainly going to haunt them. And once again Shankar has been beaten. Pressure on India now. Strike three. India are in a fix. Another miss there. Fiz is doing it for Bangladesh and in style. If they win, I tell you there will be cobras erupting out of the ground as well. Now it looks to be a tall order for India. Miracle needed and it happens for Bangladesh. Pandey holes out to long-on in frustration. India on the backfoot now. Get ready to witness a lot of Cobra dance there in the middle. India need 34 in 12 balls.   

18 March 2018, 22:18 PM

Sarkar continues. It is not a tall order yet for India and just a question of one good over. Pandey has to step it up. After a single by Shankar, Pandey is pushing hard for a double and gets it. Four!!! Vijay Shankar plays a hoick and gets a boundary. Last ball, Pandey hits it back, Sarkar throws it back to hit the stumps. Pandey survives. India breathes a sigh of relief. India need 35 off 18 balls. 

18 March 2018, 22:12 PM

Fiz is back. Bowls a shortish slower, Pandey clears the infield over point for a double followed by a single. Bowls a dot ball against Shankar here. This could be troublesome later. But as far as Pandey is ther, there is a lot of hope. Pandey shuffles wide and Fiz bowls a quick full toss wide. He guides it through thirdman for a boundary. Much needed one. India 123/4 in 16 overs. Need 44 runs in 24 balls. 

18 March 2018, 22:07 PM

Soumya Sarkar gets the ball. Vijay Shankar begins with a single. Next up, Pandey slashes hard at a wide delivery and gets a boundary over thirdman. Another four. This time a crisp hit down the long-on boundary. This is good batting from Pandey. India get 11 off it. 115/4 in 15 overs. Need 52 off 30 balls. 

18 March 2018, 22:02 PM

Nazmul continues. And he strikes. He gets the big fish. Rohit mistimes a lift and gets caught at long-on. Bangladesh are making it difficult for India. Another stage set for Pandey and Dinesh Karthik to prove themselves as worthy contenders for India's middle-order spots. Interesting move this. Vijay Shankar joins Pandey in the middle and this will be his maiden innings. Starts with a single. India are playing single single now. It has been over five overs since they haven't found one. Shankar scores a boundary and a welcome one. India lose a wicket and get seven off this over. India 104/4 in 14 overs. Need 63 in 36 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:57 PM

Mustafiz back now and at a crucial juncture. Let me tell you if he finds his length with those slowers and ends up conceding just six an over, this match will go to the end over. So far, he has given just four runs in four balls. Pandey ends the over with a single but he could have been back if that was a direct hit. India 97/3 in 13 overs. Need 71 in 42 balls. Time to accelerate. 

18 March 2018, 21:53 PM

Nazmul back. And Rohit steers down the leg to reach his fifty. His 14th in T20s and he is leading from the front. A series of singles continue, telling you that India is trying to take it easy. Rohit knows when to accelerate. Last ball, he steps down and hits is back with power but Nazmul gets his hand to concede a single. This is a good over for Bangladesh. India 91/3 in 12 overs. Need 76 in 48 balls. 

18 March 2018, 21:48 PM

Shakib in. His last over now. You could make out how Bangladesh is trying to cut down on pace. Shakib is bowling really well he has conceded just two so far. Ends with two as well. India 86/3 in 11 overs. Need 81 in 54 balls. 

18 March 2018, 21:46 PM

Rubel to continue. Rahul guides it down to thirdman for a single. With this length, no Indian batter will have any problems and at the end of the over, they will easily get six or seven off this over. Rahul Gone now. another example of poor shot selection and he has given his wicket away to Rubel. He digs it in and Rahul drags it from outside off to get settled in deep square-leg's hands. Poor poor shot selection. Absolutely preposterous. India three down now. Manish Pandey walks in and scores a single. India 84/3 at halfway stage. Need 83 runs off 60 balls. 

18 March 2018, 21:39 PM

Nazmul takes the ball again. Rohit steers that to long-on for a single. Rahul steps out and gets a top edge but survives as the ball lands safely on off. But with Rohit navigating the innings, there is no need for any desperate measures. After a word with skipper, Rahul now picks the length well and cuts it to point for a boundary. Rahul ends the over with a single. India 81/2 in 9 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:34 PM

Rubel back in. But I can't understand what is Shakib trying to do. He is changing his bowlers way too quickly. I feel Fiz should have been given another over here. He too needs to find the rhythm but breaks will not ensure that. Moreover, Bangladesh have seen as a defensive option rather than using him as an attacking option. Remember what Rohit did with his resources or main bowlers. Yes, Rubel has been economical but Fiz is the one who could have picked wickets at important junctures. Rubel's length might trouble Raina but not Rohit or Rahul. India get 8 runs off this over. reach 72/2 in 8 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:30 PM

Shakib now bowling his third. After a single to Rohit, Shakib errs with his length. Drops it short and Rahul pulls it over mid-wicket fence for a six. Rahul takes a single next ball. With the ball being hammered by Rohit and Co, it has got a bit old and doesn't have the shine needed to skid off the surface. Shakib though makes amends and flights it fuller. India 67/2 in 7 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:26 PM

Mustafizur into the attack now. His over-reliance on slowers has hurt his cause. And his length has also been short. To prove my point, see Rohit's cut for a boundary. Actually a glide through point and thirdman. It was short and was asking to be cut. Had Fiz been hitting that good length often, he could have been a devastating bowler in the tourney. But all this while, he has been one of the most expensive bowlers.Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma is displaying class and exuberance. The sheer insouciance he brings in while driving, just too elegant. Rohit also becomes the third Indian to go past 7000 T20 runs. India 56/2 in 6 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:20 PM

Another spinner here. Nazmul comes in. Two righties and Bangladesh proffer a left-arm spinner. Rahul steps out in a flash at drives down mid-on for a single. Four!! Rohit Sharma now dances down the track and chips it over mid-off for a boundary. Great footwork. Sixxxerrr!!!! Nazmul now fires it in and Rohit clears his front leg to deposit it over long-off. India finish this over on a high. India 48/2 in 5 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:16 PM

Normal service resumes here. Rubel Hossain has been given the ball. Suresh Raina on strike and you immediately get the point. Rubel could really hit the deck hard and could rear it up as well. We have a review here for a caught behind as Mushfiqur is adamant. The umpire signals it a wide but Suresh Raina seems to have knicked it back off the pull. Shakib's ploy has worked and he has consumed Raina on his weakness -- the hopping he does in the crease on short balls. India lose their second wicket. KL Rahul walks in. And he takes on the offensive. Upper cuts the short ball over cover for a boundary. Yes No NO yes, slight mix up here but India complete a single. India 37/2 in 4 overs.  

18 March 2018, 21:09 PM

This is raining sixes here. Shakib pitches it short and Dhawan rocks back in a flash to clobber it over mid-wicket. But two-balls later, Shakib strikes now. Dhawan gone on 10. Misjudges the length and mistimes a loft to get caught on mid-off. India lose their first wicket on 32. India 32/1 in 3 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:05 PM

So we have spin from both ends. Mehedi Hasan joins in. He has been doing what Washington has for India. Mehedi uses his crease to a great effect and bowls from a step back to deceive the batsman. Against Rohit his strategy doesn't work. Pitches it up and Rohit throws his weight behind the ball and sends it a long way back into the mid-wicket stands for a six. The next one was expected to be quicker and he clears the square-leg fielder for a boundary. And Rohit is on fire. he jumps out and tonks it over midwicket for another six. That was massive, the sound from the bat said it all. India 24/0 in 2 overs. 

18 March 2018, 21:00 PM

Welcome back. Mustafizur Rahman has a task to perform. The Bangladesh crowd wants to see him stepping up. Rohit generally takes strike but it is Shikhar Dhawan who will face the first ball from Shakib ul Hasan. Oooh Oh. Shikhar just manages to change his shot at the last moment. Gets a single. Bowls the next one as dot. But Rohit reads him well and knows it won't turn at all so he steps out and lifts it over mid-on for a boundary. Follows up with a single. Shikhar takes a single. India 7/0 in 1 over.  

18 March 2018, 20:45 PM

Thakur in for the final over. And Sabbir's confidence has rubbed on Mehedi Hasan. Plays a scoop over fine-leg for a four and then clobbers it over mid-wicket for a six. Ten runs, important ones. Common Thakur! you can't be bowling just knuckle balls. nother four through third man. Mehedi slices it through thirdman. Rohi isn't happy. A couple to end the innings. Bangladesh 166/8 in 20 overs. 

18 March 2018, 20:41 PM

Unadkat is back again. And another review here against Sabbir. He tries to scoop it and gets it over his knee roll. The original decision is not out. There is bat involved and India has lost the review. Now, he castles him with a slower. Sabbir's resilience comes to en end. Goes after playing a pre-meditated heave. Bangladesh lose their seventh on 147. Out again. Bowled again. Rubel has no clue against this deceptive Unadkat slower as he too goes for a cross-batted swipe. Unadkat is pumped up. He has been struggling to find rythm and here he is finding some redemption. Two wickets in two balls and he is on a hattrick. Three runs off it and he caps a good spell. Finishes with 2/33. Bangladesh 148/8 in 19 overs.  

18 March 2018, 20:33 PM

So Thakur in now with his third over. Starts with a knuckle ball. Then bowls too quick deliveries. The third one, the yorker has been referred to the third umpire for a review as Sabbir gets on his pad. This is close though the original decision is not out. This is umpire's call and it is not out. Review is retained. And then he goes wrong with the knuckle ball and Sabbir guides it through third man. Four again. This is smart and clever batting by Sabbir. First through third man and the next scooped over fine-leg. Sensible batting and he could ensure respectable total for Bangladesh. They are 145/6 in 18 overs. 

18 March 2018, 20:27 PM

Vijay Shankar now. Sabbir once again picks the slower early and clobbers it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Shankar comes back hard at him with a yorker. Another slower not landing perfectly and Sabbir cremes it for another six. This is an expensive over for India and as I said earlier, Shankar hasn't been at his best with the ball today. And we have a run out here again. Shakib goes back on his own shot. Hits it to cover and runs. The cover fielder throws it perfectly and Shankar destroys the wickets. This is bad calling at its best. Two run-outs at important junctures and Sabbir too could be blamed for both run-outs. He has asked his partners to complete a run which actually wasn't. Bangladesh 134/6 in 17 overs. 

18 March 2018, 20:20 PM

Washington will bowl his final over. And Sabir is charged up. Picks up the length well and tonks it over mid-wicket for a flat six. Takes a single next ball to reach 50. Washington though is not perturbed at all. Does what he does best. Choke the opposition. Concedes just ten off it and ends spell with figures of 1/20. Great spell again. Bangladesh 120/5 in 16 overs. 

18 March 2018, 20:17 PM

Vijay Shankar gets the ball. He seems to be having an off-day in office. His line and length has troubled him. Fires the first one down leg and gets flicked by Mahmudullah for a four. Run out now!!!. This is poor calling by Sabbir Rahman. Mahmudullah gets an edge but Sabbir is breathing at his neck, urges him to run to the other end. Mix up there and Shankar collects the ball and has a race with Mahmudullah towards the bowling end. Shankar wins and clips the bails to send the Bangladesh packing. Wasn't a run there. But Shakib-ul-Hasan gets a boundary to open his account with an edge through third-man. Mahmudullah has been part of 18 run-outs in T20s. This is not going their way. Bangladesh 110/5 in 15 overs. 

18 March 2018, 20:11 PM

Thakur has been brought in. Rohit doesn't want to give easy runs. So far, Bangladesh had to face tight bowling. Four now. Chahal dives over the ball at fine-leg and the ball crawls to the boundary. Four again. Jumps out and thumps it over Shardul's head. Knuckle ball and its a dot. Another one follows for a single. Thakur bowls at 140kmph to see it past Mahmudullah's bat. Ten runs off this over. Bangladesh reach 100/4 in 14 overs.  

18 March 2018, 20:05 PM

That looks a good move again. Unadkat back. He has struggled in the death overs. With Bangladesh being kept in check, Unadkat can slip in a couple of good overs. Thakur could be bowled at the end. at this juncture, even Mahmuduallh would not want to risk his wicket by playing rash. Unadkat with his slowers and hit-the-deck length can make it look effective. But just as we talk, Unadkat gets cut for a four. As soon as thirdman was brought in, he fires it short and wide to give Mahmudullah guiding it through the gap. That is what Unadkat has to be careful about, his inability to hit the line. Bangladesh get 13 runs to reach 90/4 in 13 overs. 

18 March 2018, 20:00 PM

Vijay is back. Washington's one over is perhaps saved for the death overs. Sabbir knows he will have to take the attack to the opposition. Steps out twice and gets two doubles. Let me tell you Suresh Raina has been exceptional in the outfield. Saves two for the side with a diving save. Vijay too is mixing it up really well encouraging Bangladesh to use their own power to clear the fence. Still 10 off the over. Bangladesh 82/4 in 12 overs. 

18 March 2018, 19:55 PM

Chahal back and with a bang. Gets Mushfiqur Rahim now. Sees him coming down and bowls a slow googly away from his reach. The ball gets the top edge and the fielder dives at point to complete the catch. Bangladesh are struggling. This is where you can differentiate between India's tactics and that of Bangladesh. The outlooks are different. In all games, Mahmudullah used Mustafizur as defensive option. See Rohit, he has used his best bowlers at the prime time in the innings. He knows pressure put now will only end up frustrating Bangladesh. Just four runs off it and Chahal gets his third as well. Bangladesh crawl to 72/4 in 11 overs.  

18 March 2018, 19:50 PM

Washington back. Rohit is using his attacking options to keep Bangladesh under-pressure. This is the time to use your best bowlers to keep it tight. Middle-phase is the phase which can make or break the momentum. Washington makes sure he is obliging Rohit. Bowls a five-run over. Bangladesh need to accelerate as they are 68/3 at half-way stage. 

18 March 2018, 19:45 PM

Chahal into his third now. Bowls it much slower than usual. With the ball getting a little old, Chahal's wide of off deliveries will be seen often. This is clever bowling as he mixes it up well, firing in an odd quicker delivery. Just four runs off it. Bangladesh 63/3 in 9 overs. 

18 March 2018, 19:42 PM

Vijay Shankar joins the attack. After a single, Shankar is hit for a six over square-leg. Sabbir jumps out and pulls it to perfection. Four again. This time Sabbir paddles him over fine-leg. Intelligent batting there. Singles follow and Bangladesh collect 14 off it. Bangladesh 59/3 in 8 overs.   

18 March 2018, 19:37 PM

Chahal to continue. That is where I feel Bangladesh cave-in against a good attack. Sri Lankan attack did not have the cunning to put them under-pressure. They were wayward and kept giving freebies to help Bangladesh build on. But it will be a seperate equation against India. Chahal shows he certainly can contain the run-flow as well. Gives just five runs. Bangladesh 45/3 in 7 overs.  

18 March 2018, 19:33 PM

Shardul Thakur is the new bowler into the attack. Begins by hitting length. Mushfiqur joins Sabbir and the onus will be on him to steer Bangladesh through this tricky phase. He will be expected to take calculative risks to make sure Bangladesh doesn't lose track. Meanwhile, Sabbir finds a boundary with a top edge, over the keeper's head off a short-pitched delivery. But nevertheless a good over. Bangladesh 40/3 in 6 overs. 

18 March 2018, 19:27 PM

Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack. This is an attacking move by Rohit. Going for wickets straightaway. And he is right, Chahal gets Tamim. Flighted delivery and Tamim jumps out to scoop it at long-on. Shardul Thakur takes a superb catch at the rope. Bangladesh lose their second wicket. You could see it coming. He almost dragged a middle-leg delivery with a sweep on the first ball as the fielders were up. Chahal knew he would step out and accordingly adjusted his length the next. Four!! Sabbir picks a sweep from the middle. Pre-meditated but to good effect. Second wicket for Chahal in his first over. Now Soumya Sarkar plays a sweep in the hands of Shikhar Dhawan standing besides the leg-umpire. Nonsemse batting this. Bangladesh in trouble. Chahal delighted. Bangladesh 33/3 in 5 overs.  

18 March 2018, 19:19 PM

Washington to bowl the fourth over. And here is the first wicket!!!. Litos Das scoops a mistimed sweep at square-leg. Suresh Raina has no problems pouching it. Washington is on a roll as his variation in pace is worrying for the opposition batsmen. Sabbir Rahman walks in at 3. Reverse Sweep right away but for no-run. Washington is playing with his mind, beats him up the next ball. Brilliiant over this by Washington. Just 1 run and a wicket. Bangladesh 27/1 in 4 overs. 

18 March 2018, 19:14 PM

Unadkat back. The first one on leg and the next wide of off. Liton Das steps out and carves him over point for a six. But then again, he improves his length, goes fuller, straight and in the stumps. But when he bowls seam-up, there is nothing in it. No swing or movement. Bangladesh collect 13 runs. Bangladesh 26/0 in 3 overs.

18 March 2018, 19:10 PM

No prizes for guessing. Washington Sundar it is again. Bowls a tight over. Bangladesh too playing him carefully. Just four runs off it. Bangladesh 13/0 in 2 overs. 

18 March 2018, 19:07 PM

Umpire calls 'play' and we have kicked off. Onus on Tamim Iqbal and Liton Das to provide Bangladesh with a great start. Jaydev Unadkat to bowl the first over. And he is changing his ploy in the final. He is coming round the wicket to Tamim and understandably, he will be looking to rectify his line. Hits the spot well before reverting to the leg-side line. He is a work in progress and he has made quick amends here, improves his line. Only five runs in as many balls. And as we talk, Jaydev has hit leg again and gets pulled over fine-leg for a four. Bangladesh collect first four to reach 9/0 in 1 over.