Virat Kohli won't be the same if he wasn't as aggressive as he is, says Sania Mirza

Sania mentioned that she really admires Virat's work and his ability to prove himself on pitch.

Virat Kohli won't be the same if he wasn't as aggressive as he is, says Sania Mirza

New Delhi: India's Tennis ace Sania Mirza lauds Virat Kohli's rise in Indian cricket but says he won't be as successful as he presently is without being aggressive.

Kohli has come out as a world beater with equally brilliant performances no matter what the format of cricket is. With the list of his followers growing, fellow sports star Sania Mirza's name can also be included.

Speaking about her views on the Indian Test captain, Sania Mirza was quoted saying by TOI, "I really admire the way Virat is. His aggression is amazing. And he backs it up with performances and I think that's the most important thing."

"We want world beaters, leaders in sport, world champions but we don't want them to be aggressive. We want them to be docile and mild. It doesn't work that way," Mirza argued. "I don't think Virat would be the athlete that he is, if he was not aggressive."

Sania, who has also been known for her aggression not just on field but off it as well, was asked if she sees similarities between herself and Kohli when it comes to being aggressive.

"Do I associate myself with him? I don't know..I've always been this way. I've always said what I felt. But then we love to tag (such a person) as 'arrogant' or 'with an attitude'. You have to have a certain attitude to be a champion. Show me one champion who is extremely docile.

The Indian Test skipper is known to wear heart on his sleeve experience a roller-coaster of emotions going through his veins as he celebrates each small triumph that his team achieves on field.

His aggression has also seems to have infected his teammates and the same can be justified seeing Ravichandran Ashwin recently losing his cool against James Anderson after the English bowler's 'technical flaws' jibe to Kohli.

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