Best SMS and Whatsapp messages siblings can exchange this Rakhi

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Aug 04, 2017, 16:16 PM IST
Best SMS and Whatsapp messages siblings can exchange this Rakhi
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Nothing in the world can replace the love of a brother/ sister. You know you will always have your sibling to turn to incase things go wrong. This is the true 'Forever' that actually lasts.

So this Rakhi, give something special to your sibling!

Convey your feelings and let your siblings know how special they are through these heart- warming quotes for Rakhi.


“You're the only man who could

call me his Maid

Yet, treat me like a Princess.

Love you a lot, Bhai.” 


“No matter how beautiful you are

for the world,

For me you would always be the one

who always got her face covered in chocolate.

Love you the most, Behena!”


“You've protected me at all times,

and I could never pay you back,

I couldn't ask for anything this Rakhi,

Except for a lipstick from MAC.”


“I've seen you rise and fall,

To my cricket bat, you're the ball.

Tossing and tumbling together with me,

What can I get you this Rakhi?”


“You're the Ross to my Monika,

The Bart to my Liza,

The Robb to my Sansa,

and the Max to my Emmy,

Happy Rakhi Brother!”


“The house is empty on all days except this,

My dear sister, it's you who I always Miss.

I hope your husband takes good care of you,

People like you are very few.”


“I may not be there where you are,

Darling brother, But I'm not far.

And within me are memories of us,

Of the hours spent playing in the dust.

Memories of mom scolding you when,

I was at fault, but you bore the condemn.”


“You might be young, but you're wise,

Little sister, thank you for all the advise,

You helped me to be a better man

I otherwise never climb mountains,

But for you, I can!”


“Your heart is as big as your size,

This Rakhi, let me write you a diet!

Hit the gym, sweat and run,

Believe me bro, fit is fun!”


“If only you'd shop less,

I would today own a sports bike.

But that smile of yours

is unparalleled."