Jupiter Transit on Sep 12, 2017: Know what is in store for you for next one year

In astrology to predict for one year we have to incorporate the transit of Jupiter. That's why his Jupiter transit is worth exploring and mentioning.

Jupiter Transit on Sep 12, 2017: Know what is in store for you for next one year

Predictions by Sundeep Kochar

Planets are moving everyday & each moment influences the mind which leads to new thoughts. These thoughts change your perception towards everything which leads to new decisions based on individual charts. In astrology to predict for one year we have to incorporate the transit of Jupiter. That's why his Jupiter transit is worth exploring and mentioning. It is changing its sign from Virgo to Libra on 12th September at 6.51 am IST.

In general, this transit should bring good fortune across all signs and in general this one should be good overall for everyone. Some of the general points happening in this transit are: Jupiter is entering the Libra which is 7th house from Kaal Purusha and is house of partnership, diplomacy, relationship, marriage and overall good fortune. Venus is Lord of this house. During this period of one year, Rahu is in Cancer sign which is 4th house from Kaal Purusha and the house where Jupiter is exalted. Further Saturn will move back to Sagittarius which is the House Lord of Jupiter.

Astrologically Venus the house lord is a functional benefice for the Libra house and will always in general give positive results. Jupiter being a benefic lord will always give benefic results in general. The combination of both benefic gurus should give very positive results and this is really an enjoyable time. Further, Libra is sign where Saturn is exalted and it is in its 11th house from itself signifying reliable results in fortune. The harmful effect of Rahu will be nullified by Jupiter because Cancer is place where Jupiter is exalted and Jupiter will control the harmful impact of Rahu. Jupiter also aspects 5th and 9th house from its location signifying 11th house and 3rd house in the natal birth chart based on kaal purusha. Thus, this transit will impact 7th, 11th and 3rd house and play prominent influence in Lord of Jupiter houses that is 9th and 12th houses. Further it reduces negative influence of Rahu and gets strength from Saturn for 7th and 3rd house respectively.

Hence one can see rewarding experience in career, business, love and marriage, home, fortune and relationship with siblings. Hence this transit will bring positive impact to overall well-being of people in general for next one year. For personal interpretations log on to www.sundeepkoachar.com


Very good state to be in. Jupiter is friend of Mars and in general gives positive results. Overall the person will see change in fortune. For those who are out of jobs will find a job or those in job will see a jump. Marriage is on cards and many will become bold to take courageous decisions.


Be careful when you make a change in your career or take cautious decision. For those whose have not been taking care of health, it is good to go for a health check-up. Though there may not new diseases but likely hood of existing ones may surface or become more visible. Overall a satisfactory time.


People of Gemini will be very lucky and fortunate. This year will be useful and beneficial for your children and will also bring lot of good luck. For those who are single may find partners. There may be possibility of foreign travel. You may pursue higher education or may focus on higher knowledge which is good and may change the way you look your life at the end of the year.


Rahu being in this house makes you very moody and insecure and may force you to take wrong directions in life. However, Jupiter will ensure and stop any negative effects and will calm your nerves. Your attention will be on your home front which will improve better. You may find sudden change in fortunes and it is good to be careful with risky investments.


A good year for Lions. Jupiter is in the friendly sign and will give good rewards. You will make some bold decisions. Marriage is on cards, new business and partnerships are in place and one will see satisfactory results at the end of the year.


Jupiter just left your house and you will find all your challenging work will lead to some good change in fortune. For those who are not in pink of health should need to take care of health. Do not take risky decisions or change in job as it may cause some turbulence. Stay put in your job. For those who are in field of communication or arts it is an appropriate time.


You are in most fortunate space and this can be one of the best phases of your life. You will enjoy lot of luck and prosperity. You will have lot of fortune. You may find success overseas. You will enjoy some great spiritual journey.


This is one of the important transits and at the end of the year you may find completely transformed. You will find new purpose of life as you will see lot of sudden changes or events happening. Take it in your stride. Try to stay put and manage to be calm during this time and do not take unnecessary risk.


One of the best transits for Sagittarius people. Fortune, marriage and lot of luck will follow for people of this ascendant. You will make some bold decisions during this year which will pay off well for you. Take the best use of this time and build your career.


Those looking for change in job or new leadership position, this may be interesting time. You may find success but for those in business be careful and do not go in heavy investments. Take care of your health and try to spend more quality time with your family.


This is best time for spiritual journey and one may find transformational experience during this period. People may travel long distance or change of location. For those who are married may be blessed with children and for those who are single may find some partner during this period.


Learn and experience new journey. This is time where one goes a total experience in life and learn to appreciate occult science. You will be more inclined spiritually and may find yourself some sudden bout of spiritual experience. For some it may also lead to some sudden gains. However, try not change to new jobs or new business and try to stay put in your current location.

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