Venus is the new Mars: Men, are you listening?

Most of the common concerns for single women are having problems with finding suitable partner or break up in their love life.

Venus is the new Mars: Men, are you listening?

It’s been 18 years of my journey with astrology and most of my clients are women, who are approaching for astro consultancy. Most of them have similar concerns, though the magnitude and the issues have variance. Most of the common concerns for single women are having problems with finding suitable partner or break up in their love life. For those who are otherwise (read married), the common issue is managing the same suitable partner they are married with: pun intended.

Most of my women clientele are highly qualified and generally doing well in career. Further many of the women that have problems are also having strong personality. From this perspective, I thought of sharing some of the general pointers from astrological perspective and hopefully can throw some light.

The two main planets that signify marriage are Venus and Jupiter and the strength of 7th house (house of marriage) should be placed favourably in the birth and D9 Chart that will result in fruitful and stable marriage. Jupiter also signifies wealth, prosperity, education, knowledge, spirituality, success and host of other positive things in life. Whereas Venus signifies love, lust, luxuries, creativity, passion & desires of every kind.

The world has changed a lot and many roles and responsibilities are getting overlapped. Traditionally in older days, women in martial relationship were more submissive, giving and receiving. In current times, women have become more demanding emotionally and physically. These challenges have resulted in new expectations and new desires. Today even in India many are choosing their own life partner and not even shying in testing their would-be spouse (read live-in relationships).

The traditional way of matchmaking is increasingly losing its shine. In the past at least in India, there were lot of horoscope matching or many other traditional ways of selecting the marriage partner. Most of the time if Horoscope was not matched then the marriage discussion would not proceed further. Does it mean horoscope matching is important for successful marriage and if so then you may think many in the world will not have successful marriage, though there is always a 50% chance that these couples are compatible without going into astrology. To check if you have found the right partner login to

I have read many charts and found some interesting trends. I find many of the women have strong Mars in their horoscope reflecting that today women are ambitious, driven and highly energetic. Saturn that impacts marriage is responsible for late marriages, signifying that marriages today are becoming more of a personal choice than of arranged marriage. One more planet that impacts marriage is Rahu, the illusionary planet, that gives sudden romance and indulgence, is in placements where there are high chances of romances that are very passionate but not necessary leading to marriage (and even extra marital). Venus one of the main planet that is responsible for love, partnership, marriage and relationships are in general placed where the focus is more on luxury, passion, success and creativity. Finally, Jupiter the planet that focuses on attribution qualities of husband for women, is now more focused on power, position and success. The sagacity of Jupiter is more focused on stickler of legalistic laws than towards the dharmic alignment. This is itself not wrong as the trends indicate that women are more expressive in her choice and reflects her success in career and materialistic achievements.

While the world is moving in so called progressive mindset, the challenge is also to figure out new meaning in the concept of marriage. The roles and responsibilities of a couple in marriages may itself see new definition. This phenomenon may take years to form a concrete shape but in the interim, the society and the men in general should manage to this change.

So today individually a woman should balance what she should do and how she should set her marriage goals and life within the gambit of the changes in society. It also means for men to acknowledge & accept the movement of women empowerment. “Holistically speaking Shiva is experiencing Shakti in full force.”

I have seen many charts not only where women who are very disciplined and very religious and adhering to the norms and culture have issues, but also many women who are outright liberal and progressive. It does not mean both are wrong and it does not mean both are right also. The goal is for each woman to find her own strengths and weakness and how she balances her path to success and marriage. While destiny is decided the day, we are born and it is reflective of past deeds and current societal norms, one can also work towards betterment by transforming ourselves. The transformation is possible by transforming our mind as mind is the greatest gift by THY SUPREME.

I have seen that by transforming oneself one can then focus on one’s goals and objectives better and probably can achieve what one really wants. Indian Astrology is one divine science that apart from doing predictions, one can also help individuals in understanding their true personality. Once the person understands their own personality, it is then one can change their mindset and by changing mindset, one can transform themselves. By transforming themselves, one can aspire and achieve greater success and greater success in general means greater happiness. The true happiness is essence of life and that is what I believe as the true purpose of life.

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