MCD results: Is Arvind Kejriwal suffering from Ostrich Syndrome?

Delhi CM's 'shoot and scoot' brand of politics is clearly past its use by date.  

By Ajith Vijay Kumar | Updated: Apr 26, 2017, 11:08 AM IST
MCD results: Is Arvind Kejriwal suffering from Ostrich Syndrome?

The MCD election results 2017 are out. And it's a favour of the BJP. The victory is massive and spectacular given the fact that the BJP beat a 10-year anti-incumbency to emerge as the winner.

However, the biggest takeaway from MCD election results is the loss of face for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. From having won 67 of the 70 assembly seats in Delhi in 2015 to being reduced to a poor second position in the municipal polls, the results clearly indicates that the people of the city-state have lost faith in his leadership and the brand of politics he pursues.

MCD election Results 2017 - LIVE

The Aam Aadmi Party's poor show in the recently concluded assembly polls in Punjab and Goa should have acted as a sounding bell on the mood of the nation but Arvind Kejriwal chose to ignore the warning and they continued to indulge in negative campaigning.

Shocked by AAP's loss in Punjab, Kejriwal had raised questions on the EVMs and suggested that they may have been compromised. The results indicate that the people of Delhi have not believed his claim. And, more shockingly, the AAP in its first comment on the poll results, has once again the BJP has won by manipulating the EVMs.

"It's an EVM wave, not Modi wave," said party leader Gopal Rai. 

South Delhi Municipal Election Results 2017 - LIVE

And days before voting, he had warned the people against voting for the BJP. He had, shockingly, said that if people vote of the BJP they themselves will be responsible if their children contract dengue.

North Delhi Municipal Election Results -LIVE

Later, he even warned of launching a "movement" if the MCD poll results go against AAP.

The confrontatist approach adopted by Kejriwal may have worked during his days as an activist but he is now the CM and people judge him by the work done by his government. However, the point appears to have missed him altogether.

East Delhi Municipal Election Results 2017 - LIVE

Kejriwal should now understand that he can't continue to portray himself as the wronged guy, who is fighting against the powerful when he himself is now the Chief Minister of a state.

India has moved ahead of the Lokpal days, it's time he also moves ahead and understands the new reality. Sticking his head in the sand, like an Ostrich, rather than confront uncomfortable facts, won't be of any help now. 

And, for once, he should look within rather than blaming others.