Is the fountain of life real? Scientists revive mice with blood of human teens!

Young human plasma improves cognition.

Is the fountain of life real? Scientists revive mice with blood of human teens!

New Delhi: This may sound like something just out of a fairytale or a movie, but scientists may have found the elixir of life!

As per reports, a recent study conducted by Alkahest, a California-based biopharmaceutical company, found that young human blood, when injected into older bodies, does seem to offer powers of rejuvenation – irrespective of whether those old bodies are human or not.

The scientists came to this conclusion after experimenting with old mice. The basis of this experiment goes back to 2014 when earlier studies were conducted using the blood plasma of younger mice in old mice.

They observed that old mice injected with blood plasma of younger mice had better cognition and strength compared with their control group. These results sparked the interest of different experts in exploring blood plasma for rejuvenation.

In the new study, researchers took blood samples from a group of healthy, young 18-year-old human participants and injected them into 12-month-old mice – late middle age in mice years, or the equivalent of being about 50 years old in human terms, Science Alert reported.

After observing the mice for a few days, the researchers found that the new blood made the old mice act young again, with the treated animals running around in open spaces much like their younger controls. But there was also evidence that their powers of memory had improved.

"We see a rejuvenation effect. Young human plasma improves cognition. Their memory was preserved," Sakura Minami said, who is one of Alkahest's researchers, according to a report in Nature World News.

The discovery of the effect of human plasma on old mice is just the first few steps in exploring possible innovations in neuroscience. The results of this test will be soon available before the year ends, and the researchers are hoping that the findings can help them in developing similar proteins of blood plasma to cure neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, Nature World News reported.

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