`Bollywood wedding` turns sour for couple

Dubai: A planned Bollywood style wedding to be solemnised in the presence of superstar Akshay Kumar and his `Thank You` team proved to be a damp squib for a couple.

Aakash Khanna and Vidhi Jawa won a radio contest to renew their wedding vows with Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Bobby Deol, who were here on March 29 to promote the movie.

But what followed was confusion as the celebs went missing and the couple was not even served their wedding meal, a Gulf News report said.

"We were told that we would be treated like VIPs. But everyone else, my wife and I, along with our 18 guests, had to queue up for the public transport to the camp site. After nearly an hour of waiting, we finally got there, only to be left in the dark. No one seemed to know who we were or why we were there," Khanna told the newspaper.

"Eventually, they announced our names and before we knew it, the wedding was under way, with none of the promised celebrity guests present," he claimed.

Earlier, plans for the night included kanyadaan by Akshay Kumar, who was to sit through the wedding as part of the baraat and give Khanna marriage tips to promote the movie, which revolves around marital infidelity.

"It`s disappointing that we were promised so much and had our hopes up, brought our family along, and nothing came of it. To make matters worse, we weren`t even served our wedding dinner. The family had to go and get food for us," Jawa said.

The Bollywood trio did turn up three hours later and the couple got to share the stage with them. However, there was more drama to follow.

Akshay told the audience that Indian tradition demands that the wife touch her husband`s feet to get his blessings but he wanted to reverse the rituals and asked the groom to touch his wife`s feet instead. Khanna wasn`t convinced.

Once off stage, the couple claims they asked for a group picture with Akshay and their party, but their request was turned down. "All we wanted was a group photo in lieu of all that was promised to us," says Khanna adding that everyone was dressed for the occasion and was disappointed.

"We promised our family a party with the celebrities and couldn`t deliver. Maybe to some, this was a marketing gimmick, but to us, it was a real wedding," Jawa said.


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