`Diana suspected Charles` affair when William was baby`

London: Prince William was only a baby when Diana broke down in tears as she feared that her husband Prince Charles loved another women, a close friend of the late Princess has revealed.

Diana, who died tragically in a freak mishap in 1997, wanted her marriage to work despite knowing that Charles is having an affair with Camilla, recalled society beautician Janet Filderman.

According to the beautician, Diana started to visit her salon after suffering skin problems during her pregnancy, and within weeks she started sharing her innermost secrets, the Daily Mail reported.

"Diana came to my salon in London and began to undress. I asked if she wanted privacy, but she said she felt relaxed with me, and gradually told me a lot about her life," she said.

Filderman recalled how Diana was wishing her marriage to work despite knowing that Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

"She loved Charles and wanted the marriage to work. But he was merely `fond` of her. As for the vows -- `forsaking all others...` -- Charles didn`t mean it from the start."

She said: "Diana started to cry when she told me that in 1983, and I feared for her future. I think it would have been better had Camilla not been around.

"I think it would have been better had Camilla not been around. It got to the point where they led separate lives.

"She told me Charles used to send messages to William from Highgrove every day when she was living at Kensington Palace."

According to Filderman, Diana herself would call her almost every night and talked about her boys, saying, "I want them to appreciate those less privileged than themselves. She would be so proud of them now."

Though Diana became a style icon, she told the beautician how she had made a blunder with the strapless taffeta confection with mega-d?colletage she wore for her first public appearance after the announcement of her engagement, at London`s Goldsmith`s Hall.

"I cried on Princess Grace`s shoulder in the powder room," Filderman quoted Diana as telling her.

Grace had comforted Diana, "Hold your head up high -- you won`t make this mistake again."

She also confessed to Filderman that on her wedding day she wasn`t happy with her dress, "because it creased and she felt swamped in it".

Filderman was sure that if Diana was still alive, she would have adored Willam`s to-be bride Kate Middleton.

"She would have given Kate a lot of love and guidance. But I think that Kate will be absolutely fine and I am sure she has a much better chance of happiness than Diana ever had.

"She will find her own style in the classic mould and I hope she will be her own woman."