`Earth Hour` message from ‘Kahaani’ actor

Kolkata: People should learn to rationalise the use of electronic appliances to conserve energy and consequently stave off the greenhouse effect, says `Kahaani` actor Parambrata Chatterjee, who is the face of `Earth Hour 2013` campaign in Kolkata.

"We often keep tabs, laptops and desktops running at home and in the office," Parambrata, the new WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Brand Ambassador told reporters here.

"It is high time we rationalise things by working on just one device and switching off others," the actor said.

"And, the more this planet moves towards doom due to the greenhouse effect," Parambrata, known for his role as inspector Rana in the Sujoy Ghosh-thriller, said.

He hoped that the mindset of people would change when lights were switched off for an hour from 8:30 pm on March 23 as Earth Hour approached and which incidentally coincided with the release of his second directorial film.

Parambrata said he would not only spread the message of Earth Hour among friends in the Tollywood fraternity, but also take his campaign to the social media.

"I will post comments on Facebook and Twitter and ask my fans and friends to switch off energy-consuming appliances or rationalising their use," he said.

"It is better to target the growing middle class and those who demonstrate a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption," Parambrata said when asked whether the less well off segment did not have a role in energy consumption.

Running in its fifth year, the message of Earth Hour 2013 is to make a smooth switch to renewable energy.

Director of WWF-India, West Bengal, Saswati Sen, said, "Over the years Earth Hour has turned into a symbol of uniting individuals to engage in acts of shifting towards sustainable living by undertaking better land, water and energy management.

"This will not only reduce the growing environmental impact of our urban lifestyle, but also contribute to renewable energy," she said.

In 2012 when Rituparna Sengupta was the brand ambassador lights were switched off during Earth Hour at the Victoria Memorial and the Tata Center for one hour at night, a WWF-India spokesperson said.

India joined the Earth Hour movement in 2009, when 5 million Indians across 56 cities showed their support by switching off non-essential lights.

Last year, 7 million people across seven cities took part in the campaign which was endorsed by Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and Vidya Balan.