`English Vinglish` encourages Dalit girls in Bihar

Mumbai: Sridevi`s efforts to overcome linguistic barriers in ‘English Vinglish’ has inspired Dalit girls in Bihar in a big way. Girls from various colleges in Patna and neighbouring towns of Bihar have watched the film and are motivated to improve their spoken English.

"It`s not just housewives. Young unmarried college-going girls feel the same sense of inferiority that Sridevi experiences in `English Vinglish` because of a lack of fluency in English. They are coming forward in huge numbers to see the film and going back with the determination to join English-improvement classes," Suman Sinha, a leading Patna exhibitor said.

R. Balki, who has produced the film, is delighted by the turn of events.

"That our film has influenced a section of the audience to improve its language skills is awesome. `English Vinglish` is not just about learning English. It`s about the determination that the lack of familiarity will not stop people`s aspirations and dreams from growing," he said.

Added Sridevi: "To see our film make such an impact makes me happier about its success. This is the real success of `English Vinglish`."

Directed by Gauri Shinde, the film is about a housewife`s struggle to learn English.