`Flow camera` elevates the emotions of a scene: RGV

Chennai: Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for embracing new technology in his projects, has introduced a flow camera aka flowcam in his upcoming Telugu thriller `Ice Cream`. He says besides augmenting audience`s experience, a flowcam also elevates the emotions of a scene.

"You want to change the way a scene has been captured all these years, flowcam is what you need. The purpose of any film equipment is to enhance the experience of audiences and flowcam achieves that and also elevates the emotions of a scene," Ram Gopal Varma told IANS.

"The emotion of a scene heavily depends on the type of camera you use to shoot it. If you were to use a flowcam to shoot a chase scene, you can film it without any jerk or interruption. It elevates the emotions of a scene to a large extent," he said.

"Ice Cream", which is slated for release July 4, features Navdeep and Tejaswi Madivada in lead roles.

Ramu has toyed with new camera for several of his films. He was first to use steady camera in his directorial debut "Siva" and he`s happy to introduce flowcam to Telugu filmdom.

"I introduced steady camera in aSiva` many years ago. Now, I`m introducing flowcam to Telugu cinema. I haven`t made this film to promote flowcam, I just used the camera to make the film," he added.

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