`Harry Potter` set smelled of rotten food: Warwick Davis

London: Actor Warwick Davis, who played the role of professor Filius Flitwick in `Harry Potter`, revealed the movie`s set used to smell of rotten food.

Davis, 44, admits that during the banquet scenes in the Great Hall, the food that used was often left out for days for continuity which led to an unpleasant smell.

"A lot of great feasts happened in there. You may film them for three or four days and the first day you step in there, they serve you a plate of food with lots of meats, vegetables and roast potatoes and you can eat the food.

"The next day, they go, `Don`t eat the food you just pretend now, it`s been there all night. The fourth day, you could smell the Great Hall before you got in it. The food was the same food and it had quite an amazing smell," he said.

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