`Jealous` Sarkozy didn’t want to buy house next to Carla’s ex Mick Jagger

London: Nicholas Sarkozy refused to buy a luxury apartment with wife Carla Bruni in Paris, because it happened to be next door to her old flame Mick Jagger, a new book has revealed.

The “jealous” former French president backed out of the purchase after the couple went house-hunting in the French capital three years ago.

Sarkozy is said to have initially fallen in love with the lavish ten million pounds penthouse once owned by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

But he was then informed by his aides that the Rolling Stones rocker that Carla dated for eight years, owned another flat in the same block on Paris’ trendy Left Bank.

The revelations have emerged in a new biography of Jagger by Christopher Anderson called ‘Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger.’

“The president fell under the charm of this apartment in Paris,” the Daily Mail quoted Anderson as writing in his book.

“But as they were preparing to buy it, his security detail informed him that Mick Jagger owned a flat in the same building.

“Sarkozy then backed out of the deal,” he wrote.

France’s Le Post newspaper also wrote at the time: “Carla adores the new flat and is unphased by the idea of having Mick Jagger two floors above when he is in town.

“But the President is thought to be a little less keen on the move, perhaps for that very reason,” the newspaper wrote.

The book also tells how Sarkozy once invited Jagger to Bruni’s holiday home at Cap Negre in the south of France.

“They were there together when his security team told the president that Jagger was staying just a few miles away down the road.

“Sarkozy suggested to his wife that she invite him over so he could meet him, and then treated him with utter disdain,” he added.

“Nicolas is jealous. Jealous of Mick Jagger,” a friend of Bruni’s revealed in the book.

Bruni and Jagger started dating in 1992 and broke up seven years later as she grew tired of his excessive womanising.

Bruni became Sarkozy’s third wife after a whirlwind romance in January 2008, and had a daughter, Giulia, together last year.


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