`Selfie` obsession in Bollywood

New Delhi: Bollywood celebrities seem to be taking selfies like fish to water.

If getting autographs was once a trend, Selfies has become the new trend of communication for celebrities. `Selfie` is the Oxford Dictionary`s Word of the Year 2013, all thanks to the Selfie revolution at this year`s Oscars. Bollywood celebrities followed suit at this year`s IIFA in Tampa Bay, Florida.

`Rockstar` actress, Nargis Fakhri said, "Selfies have definitely taken over from autographs, and I think, it`s kind of fun and cool, I like it, I am all about Selfies".

Selfie is an obsession and now a sign of self esteem. Although selfies don`t always represent self obsession, but in most cases they do.

According to Bigg Boss 7 winner, Gauhar Khan, selfies are overrated and an obsession, but she still loves it.

"I think everyone does go little overboard with things in life, it becomes a fad and I think now it`s over rated but I am self obsessed and I love my self too much so I like clicking selfies, " said Gauhar.

Whether the selfie culture is lame or legit, it sure is a reflection of your life through social media.

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