`Twilight` characters most popular baby names

London: It seems that parents in the US are crazy about `Twilight` series as they are naming their babies after the vampire movie`s characters.

A new list compiled by US Social Security Administration detailing baby names of 2009 reveals that the fastest-rising name for boys was Cullen, likely attributable to the Edward Cullen in the best-selling vampire romance novels "Twilight".

British actor Robert Pattinson played vampire Cullen in the super hit series. It stands at number 485 in the baby-naming charts, leaping almost 300 places since 2008.

Isabella, Cullen`s love interest and played by Kristen Stewart in the film, has emerged as most popular girls` names, replacing Emma, reports telegraph.co.uk.

Cullen`s love rival Jacob Black, a werewolf, remains the most popular boy`s name.

Parents are also looking to the White House for inspiration in 2009, as Maliyah - a variation on US President Barack Obama`s daughter Malia - was the fastest-rising name for girls in the chart.

Maliyah came in at number 192, rising 153 spots, while Sasha, her younger sister, was promoted 101 places to settle at number 261.