`Worishofers’ granny sandal shoes make their way into Hollywood

New York: Worishofers, which were known as granny sandal shoes, are now giving comfort to Hollywood stars, it has been reported.

The Worishofer (that’s pronounced wer-sher-fer) is meant to ease the pain of bunions, while a shock-absorbing sole lessens the impact of walking.

But even with the promise of a comfortable stroll, it’s still shocking that the less-than-chic footwear have found their way onto the famous feet of cool kids from Maggie Gyllenhaal to M.I.A. - not to mention NYC hipsters, who this summer are snapping them up in droves.

Handcrafted in Germany, the cork-soled slip-ons were designed by a podiatrist and have been manufactured since the 1940s.

In a 2007 ‘Today’ show segment, podiatrist Suzanne Levine gave the shoes an “A+” for foot care, while a style expert acknowledged they “are made for old grandmas.”

In 2010, that’s exactly the draw-though the tragically hip cry comfort as their excuse for sporting the un-sexy shoes, the real allure is the so-uncool-it’s-cool cred they offer.

“They’re the most comfortable shoes on the planet,” the New York Daily News quoted Slate magazine associate editor Jessica Grose as saying.

“And because they have a little bit of a heel, you don’t feel frumpy in them,” added Grose.