1 in 3 wives don’t trust their hubbies to pay bills

London: A new study has found that one in three women look after the household finances as they don’t believe their other half can keep up with paying the bills.

It said women are so doubtful of their husbands’ abilities with money, that only one in five is willing to take financial advice from them, reports the Daily Mail.

However, their men folk are not the only ones women don’t trust.
Some 90 percent of those surveyed wouldn’t rely on their bank to help them out of financial trouble either. And 87 per cent don’t believe their local politician would be any use.

Instead of turning to others, women are much more likely to try to solve their own financial problems.

Almost a third said they prefer to use financial websites to get the advice they seek – and only 2 per cent believe a bank would provide help.

The study was conducted by Good Housekeeping magazine.