1 in 4 women suffer from ‘Same Dress Syndrome’

London: One in four women admit to having suffered from Same Dress Syndrome, a new poll has found.

One in five women have deliberately ruined another girl’s outfit if she turned up to a party in the same dress.

In a survey conducted, more than 80 per cent admitted that they worry about clashing with another girl, and said they would be “mortified” if they found out it did.

One in four have said that they had suffered the fate, in what has been dubbed as Same Dress Syndrome.

18 per cent confessed that they have been left so jealous at having a rival lookalike that they have done something to ruin the other woman’s outfit.

16 per cent quick-thinkers changed their look by adding extra accessories, the Daily Express reported.

Four in 10 said that they managed to smile about it, while 39 per cent went over and spoke to their rival, but only if they thought they looked better in the dress.


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