10 perks of marrying your BEST FRIEND – Check out

You should think about marrying your best friend - here's why

10 perks of marrying your BEST FRIEND – Check out
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Marrying your best friend seems cliched? Well, we can't disagree. But you do know that finding right partner is as difficult as finding a pearl in the bottom of the ocean, right? Even though you have had those moments when you get the slightest idea which crosses your mind about marrying your bestie – you may largely think of yourself as stupid for even thinking a 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' kinda love story. Well – you don't have to feel that way always. For who knows, your best friend may turn out to be the guy/girl of your life!

Well, look into these reasons as to why you should start considering marriage-to-your-best-friend far from an archaic idea!

No difficulty in finding the right gifts!

You know each other so well and have bought so many stuff together that you know each other's taste in food, merchandise, clothes, gadgets and stuffs.

No TRUST issues!

You are possessive about each other but not clingy -- and that's a relief!. Of course, there are no trust issues because there are less number of secrets.

No SECRETS, yay!

Being best friends bring in a lot of advantages in your life. For instance, you don't hold back in sharing even the silliest and the most shameful of secrets.

Aware of likes and dislikes

You know what your bestie doesn't like to wear or doesn't like to eat. So, there won't be no fights when it comes to ordering food, or buying furniture. Peace!

Hang out like you don't give a sh**t about the world!

Well, you did it when you were pals – so why would it change after marriage? Go out, paint the two red and act like two teenagers even when if you get old!

No judging

No one is perfect but when it's your best friends – you don't judge them right? So why should you judge your friend-turned-spouse?

Understand like a family

You may act like a child, cry at the slightest reason – but your best friend would take your side and support you. Do you want to miss this feeling post marriage? Of course no!

No worries about your PAST

You've been through the majority of your past life's events together. Whether it is a former heartbreak or a celebration – you have carved in each other's past in your memory like your own.

You can say whatever you feel like

You don't have to think twice before you share your feelings. At least not when you are in the right mood! Best friends have no walls in betweens and that's the beauty.

Hang out with common friends!

Both of you have common friends by now and you don't have to worry about make any new introductions. We agree how introductions can become tiring at times!