4 out of 5 women over 50 spend more on holiday clothes than on trip

London: A study has found that four out of five women over 50 spend more on their holiday wardrobe than on the trip itself.

The research, by Which magazine, found that around 85 per cent of women aged over 50 plan on spending over 1,000 pounds on their entire summer holiday wardrobe, often more than they paid for the actual trip. The average holiday abroad costs 677 pounds per person.

Research into 50-something women by online retailer isme.com also found that while 54 per cent take up to 10 individual outfits, 96 per cent crammed in five pairs of shoes into their jam-packed suitcases.

A further 91 percent haul an average of five handbags with them on seven-day trip - yet 65 per cent of ladies only wear half of what they pack.

The overpacking and excessive spending, according to adult psychologist, Susan Quilliam, is the need to boost confidence when hitting the beach or enjoying a night out.

“While mature women may effortlessly balance work and family life for 50 weeks of the year, when it comes to holidays even the most self-aware women may find their confidence slipping,” the Daily Mail quoted regular BBC Woman``s Hour psychologist Quilliam, as saying.

“Shedding layers and revealing what``s underneath can make mature women feel vulnerable.

“Surrounded by toned and tanned perfect beach bodies, a mature woman can lose confidence, making her feel insecure and unloved.

“It``s clear from the findings that a woman``s answer is very practical - to make sure that she has every advantage when it comes to what she wears on holiday.

“She needs clothes and accessories that flatter, show off her good points and make her feel great about herself,” added Quilliam.


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