5 benefits of dating your friend's ex – Check out

Benefits of dating your friend's past lover!

5 benefits of dating your friend's ex – Check out
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We all have that one friend in our lives whose boyfriend/girlfriend we are jealous of. Yes, you are friends but can't help feeling jealous of the fact that you don't have such a partner in your life. Well, have you ever imagined what will happen if your friend and their BF/GF broke up? And what if, their ex is into YOU?

Quite a story right?

Well, such incidents happen as human heart is quite a helpless being, right? Sigh.

If you find a secret admirer in your friend's BF/Gf – you never know if they break up (and mind you IF THEY at all), you will be more that a well-wisher!

So, here are the few but worthy benefits of dating your friend's ex.

You know them like your own friend

Chances are – the friend's lover you fall for has already developed a great bond with you and now you don't have to worry about whether you will hit it off with them or not.

You can identify their pros and cons

Yes, I know it sounds a bit harsh, but you know them like the back of your own hand. After all, your friend has been talking about him/her all this while and you have been a patient listener!

Have common friends

You guys have the same friends and you no longer have to worry about making new introductory meet-ups and you don't have to feel awkward when hanging out with a bunch of friends.

Have a fair idea of their past

With a friend's ex – you know what their past has been like quite well. Even when they have had more lovers than your friend – it doesn't really make much difference because you know about their latest breakup.

Leads to a healthy bond if your friend broke up peacefully

Such relationships may turn out to be a big win if you know that your friend and his/her lover broke up on a peaceful note. If they are still on good notes, who knows – they may remain best friends and you don't have to feel guilty anymore!