5 Lesser known facts about demoness Surpanakha

 Not just a demoness but a personality with multiple layers..

5 Lesser known facts about demoness Surpanakha
Pic courtesy: Pic courtesy: An actress essaying the role of Surpanakha in Zee TV's 'Ramayana'.Image for representation purpose only.

Mumbai: Surpanakha was the sister of demon king Ravana who was killed by Lord Rama. She was the most unloved character of Indian epic Ramayana. As the famous story goes, Laxmana cut Surpanakha’s nose after she attacked Sita. This was followed by Sita’s abduction by Ravana and eventually the battle in Ramayana between Lord Rama and Demon King Ravana.

However, there are different tales and versions in the Hindu mythology attached to her depicting a different image of Surpanakha. Following are a few not-so-popular tales about Surpanakha.

1) Surpanakha orchestrated the battle of Ramayana

Based on the popular versions of Ramayana, it is believed that it was Surpanakha and not Sita, who was the anchor behind initiating the battle in the first place. Surpanakaha was married to Vidyutjjihva against the displeasure of Ravana. And Ravana apparently killed Surpanakaha’s husband accidentally. Surpanakha, on learning that Lord Rama was responsible for killing Demons and Asuras (Evils), decided to be the trigger to the epic battle that would eventually kill her brother. To avenge the death of her husband, Surpanakha planned the entire battle in Ramayana.

2) Rama-Laxmana's prank/ Surpanakha’s ridiculed love

Surpanakha, a widow, was wandering about in the forests when she spotted Lord Rama and instantly fell for him. The to be Ayodhya king politely refused her proposal and sent her to Laxmana, who in return sent her back to Lord Ram. Her love was made fun of by the two brothers, which made her furious and angry.

3) Surpanakha became friends with Sita

Post the Ramanaya battle Surpanakha came in contact with Sita who was residing in a forest. They became friends after initially exchanging cold vibes. After the battle, Sita was abandoned by Rama and she started residing in a forest. One fine day, demoness Surpanakha met Sita.

4)  Surpanakha was also known as ‘Minakshi’ 

According to the description given by Valmiki, Surpanakha is the one who is ugly and ill-mannered. However Kamban a Tamil poet describes her as fish eyed, beautiful woman who had special powers to transform physically as per her wish. The hideous looking demoness' beauty remains subjective till date.

5) In future life, Surpanakha became Laxmana’s wife

In some parts of Rajasthan, it is believed that in their next birth, Laxmana became Pabuji, Ravana as Jindhrav Khiji and Surpanakha as princess Phulvati. Ravana kills Laxmana and unable to bear the pain Surpanakha jumps in the pyre of Laxmana, hence committing Sati.

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