5 Mistakes You Should Avoid After Marriage!

Zee Media Bureau/Resham Sengar

New Delhi: Getting married may not be a mean feat but staying happily married is. Here are a few ideas we have written down for a long, happy and secure marriage.

Take your partner for granted:Now, in an ideal world, you should not be doing this during your courtship period either. But the chances of your marriage hitting rock bottom could turn higher if you start taking him or her for granted. Avoiding discussion on personal matters and expecting your significant other to shoulder maximum familial responsibilities are a few ways that can kill your relationship sooner or later. Expecting your partner to make a move to sort out differences all the time is something you should avoid at any cost.

Taking your health for granted: Many-a-men and women have this habit of keeping fit till they get their Ms or Mr Right. Post marriage, the gym trips become a thing of the past, the running shoes sit on the shoes rack with no business in hand and junk food starts making regular appearances on the dinner table. No prizes for guessing that these habit lead to weight gain, which of course, does not sound sexy at all.

Don’t be a typical TV serial character: In a bid to get into a skin of an ideal Indian spouse, one runs the risk of losing his or her identity. The fact is you can’t be perfect all the time. It is alright to make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t crucify yourself for not being able to fast for your hubby on Karva Chauth if you don’t believe in the ritual or can’t starve yourself for medical reasons.

Career focus: Counting on your spouse all the time to provide for the family in the time of crisis while taking your own career lightly is hazardous. It is good to keep up with your professional ambitions because, God forbid, who knows when the time for you to break your piggy bank comes. Having a steady and safe job comes with being a good professional, which in turn is a foundation of a better family life.

Say no to ‘no flirting’: By saying that we mean flirting with your own partner not some other random person you may know. Often after marriage, people stop taking any interest in planning sweet surprises for their beloved like the way they did before tying the knot. Do we need to say any more?