5 things women MUSTN’T do on their first date!

Here's guidelines to have a wonderful first date!

5 things women MUSTN’T do on their first date!

You are a woman and you need to think of yourself as special. No harm in that. But do you know that ample of responsibility lurk on the shoulders of a woman when it comes to first date? Well, yes – it's not just the job a guy to take care of all things or be responsible for ruining a first date! Women do it too – and therefore, if you are planning to go on a first date, there are certain thumb rules you must follow!

So ladies, pay attention and men can sit back and smile while reading the truths that we've nailed perfectly!

No please! Don't take a friend along with you

It's a date, and the first one at that. How can you make him feel like you are threatened by him in any way – or worse are afraid of getting bored mid-way! It's a proper insult.

Don’t be drenched in loud make-up and gaudy attire!

Okay – let's get this straight. Looking pretty and nice is one thing, and trying to nail the 'red-carpet' look is another! He wants you to look warm and natural, though of course not unprepared for a date. However, too loud makeup or heavy perfume will only draw his attention to those unnatural stuff and not you.

Do not take a side glance at other fellows!

As if he wouldn't know! Come on girls – don't make a fool out of you and steal a glance of other good looking guys at whatever place you are meeting up. If women can throw a tantrum for boys staring at other women, same applies for women so better accept it!

Do not leave the food unfinished or act like you don't eat much!

Many girls who are inherently foodie tend to pretend like they are light eaters when with a guy. Even those who are actually not much into eating should try and avoid wasting food. Order what you like and how much you would prefer. Also, while ordering food (if you are), remember to ask his preference too.

Don’t be a motor-mouth about your EX!

When you are on a first date – axe all conversations about ex! Yes, neither ask him about his past, nor get on talking about your past like you are reciting a never ending story. First dates should be light, free-wheeling and free of past boyfriends/girlfriends.

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