64% people hold jobs responsible for work-family conflict

Washington: A new study has shown that a majority of the people attribute the work-family conflict facing their lives to their jobs.

The study revealed that sixty-four pc of those surveyed blamed work and not family for the conflict while, only three pc blamed both work and family for conflict between the two.

A moderate twenty-two pc blamed only their family for the conflict whereas five pc blamed external factors other than work or family for the situation.

A meagre six pc of those surveyed blamed themselves for the conflict.

The study found that Individuals who attributed conflict to external sources rather than blaming the conflict on themselves were more likely to experience anger and frustration following the conflict.

"This study is valuable because focusing on details helps us better understand the mechanisms and processes of conflict. This understanding may be important to future studies of the negative emotional reactions to work-family conflict including anger, frustration, shame and guilt,” said Poposki, an industrial-organizational psychologist.

According to her, anger and frustration on the job are related to many negative workplace outcomes such as employee theft. She suggests preventing such emotions may benefit both employees and employers.

Poposki also explained that conflicts could be avoided by scheduling events in advance. Last-minute office meetings and drop-in visits by relatives were mentioned by those surveyed as blame targets.

The study has been published in the peer reviewed journal Group & Organization Management.


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