8 Brit boys who have the same IQ as Einstein

London: Eight boys at King``s School in Grantham, Lincs have the same IQ as genius Albert Einstein.

They equalled Einstein`s estimated IQ of 160 - also Professor Stephen Hawking`s score - in a test for brains club Mensa.

One pupil, Edward Roberts (16) doing four AS levels at the school scored 161 - one below the maximum.

"It was unexpected to do so well. Friends keep saying, `Wow, you`re a genius,`" the Sun quoted Edward as saying.

The test was arranged by Ruth Crook of the PTFA at the school, where Isaac Newton studied in 1655.

"There`s no way to prepare. It`s all down to natural ability," Ruth said.

The other seven to get 160 were James Kelly, 12, Will Cleasby, 14, Leo Hall, 13, twins George and Jonathan Blanchard, 13, Chris Eldridge, 15, and Oliver Bitowt, 15.

Another 24 at the all-boys school got 148, qualifying them for Mensa. The UK average is 100. Mensa called the results "excellent".


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