8 out of 10 Brit women fool their partners

London: An astonishing eight in ten British women admit regularly ripping the price tag off newly-purchased items to hide the true cost from their partners.

Lynsey Walden of Gocompare.com conducted the study of as many as 3,000 women.

The report revealed two thirds often describe new items as "an absolute bargain."

Others frequently claimed, "It was in the sale."

"The most common reason for women lying about their shopping habits is because they feel guilty for spending money," the Daily Mail quoted Lynsey as saying.

"And often girls already have plenty of clothes in their wardrobe to cover every occasion.

"But it’s always disappointing returning home with a purchase and feeling all excited from the retail therapy, only to get a disapproving glance from the husband or boyfriend.

"So women have invented a whole list of little white lies which they bring out whenever they suspect the other half won’t like the fact they have gone into the overdraft or arrived home with bags of goodies," Lynsey said.

The study also found other lies included "I bought it with birthday money" (20 per cent) and "I have nothing else that fits" (19 per cent).

Another 17 per cent have been known to pretend someone else bought the item for them.

The study also showed women will fib at least once a month about their purchases.

Luckily, 48 per cent of women said their partner rarely has a clue what they buy, and so it was easy to escape interrogation.


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