91-year-old becomes ‘world’s oldest yoga teacher’

Melbourne: A US woman has recently been awarded the title of Oldest Yoga Teacher by Guinness World Records.

The 91-year-old lady, Bernice Bates, first began practising yoga 50 years ago after she saw it on a television program.

These days the great-grandmother teaches once a week at the community centre of her Florida retirement village.

Bates believes in gentle yoga no sweaty, strenuous or competitive stretching in her classes.

“You may not do it perfect, but there’s no perfect person,” the News.com.au quoted her as saying.

Bates credits yoga for her good health - she doesn’t take medication or have any health problems - and says it gives her the ability to enjoy the things she loves like flower gardening and worshipping at her Methodist church.

She also lifts weights, walks, swims and does tai chi.

She starts stretching the moment she wakes up, with a series of poses to get her blood flowing.

“It gives you a good outlook. It involves your mind. Your mind, your body and your spirit. They all work together and they’re all coordinated,” Bates stated.

“Whereas when you’re on a treadmill, that’s all you’re doing, and you’re tired when you’re done. We build energy in our body, we don’t take it out,” she added.


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