A happy marriage as good as earning £65K a year!

London: A happy and stable marriage holds the same emotional value to both the partners as earning 65,000 pounds annual salary.

According to David Brooks, couples in long-term marriages are ‘significantly more content’ than those who are unmarried.

“Marriage is tremendously important. We have a tendency to think of ourselves as rational individuals who are driven by economic motives, but in fact we are social individuals, driven by the need for relationships,” the Daily Mail quoted him as telling the BBC.

Brooks, who is a journalist with the New York Times, has calculated the ‘psychic benefit’ of a long marriage at 65,000 pounds a year.

His estimate of the financial value of marriage is even higher than that of social researchers who look at the cash differences between married and unmarried people.

Statistics have shown that married couples are better off than others, including couples living together.

Brooks, who has authored the book ‘Social Animals’, acknowledges that relationships are more important than money and students should take study courses about who they might marry.


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