A music concert for dogs!

Sydney: Hundreds of dogs had their own day as they attended a music concert at Sydney Opera House, in perhaps world`s first show exclusively for canines.

Almost every breed of pooch seemed to be represented at the iconic Opera House as musician Laurie Anderson staged a unique performance especially for his canine fans.

Many of them barked their approval as their owners among the audience sang Happy Birthday to the musician, who was celebrating her 63rd birthday.

The inter-species concert included 20 minutes of odd notes and weird high-pitched screeching of whales, birds and other animals, with furry ears pricking up and some joining in with howls of approval, reported Sky News.

Laurie Anderson, whose biggest hit was "Oh Superman" in 1981, is renowned for experimental music.

Her husband Lou Reed listened in as she explained that she did not really know what sort of music appealed to dogs, but had tried out various pieces on her own terrier, Lollabelle.

"That was the most amazing concert that I`ve ever gotten to give. The dogs are a really wonderful audience. They`re grooving and dancing and uninhibited," she said after the concert.



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