A third of hubbies ‘hide assets in divorce battles’

London: Husbands in the UK are hiding assets in nearly a third of divorce cases, as a result of new rules based on human rights laws, family lawyers have revealed.

In a survey of the country’s leading family law firms, 94 per cent of lawyers said they believed there were hidden assets – including cash, property, savings and shares – in three out of ten of their cases, reports the Daily Mail.

In the vast majority of divorce cases, the husband has the higher earnings and the greater incentive to conceal savings or property.

If the analysis based on the views of more than 100 lawyers holds true across the board, a person is cheating a spouse of a fair share of the spoils in nearly 35,000 divorces a year.

The findings follow a landmark Appeal Court case last year in which judges ruled that one party in a divorce cannot obtain confidential documents from the other and use them in evidence.


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