Aamir’s warmth, genuine concern helped me open up: Harish Iyer

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Aamir Khan’s debut TV show has helped a number of people in expressing their horrifying stories and thereby alerting people to the evils of the society. The show incites a sense of responsibility among viewers towards the society and has been quite successful in transforming commoners into inspirational figures.

One such person is Mumbai based Harish Iyer, who featured in the second episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that dealt with child sex abuse.

Talking to DNA, Harish said, “I am just amazed. It’s beyond words… and I mean it… the whole experience was electrifying to say the least. The show was really something I had never expected it to be. I’ve been on TV shows before… and I’ve spoken about abuse before too… but the warmth, the involvement and the sheer emotionality of this show overwhelmed me. I am quite surprised I wasn’t a puddle of tears at the end. Aamir’s warmth and genuine concern also helped me open up about several things, things even my amma didn’t know about.

Narrating how overwhelming the set of the show had turned while shooting for the episode, Harish said, “The audience was amazing. We actually shot this one episode over almost a whole day and the intensity that you saw on screen was only one tenth of what actually transpired on those sets. Aamir Khan was in tears on many occasions and we had to stop for little breaks for the emotionally charged audience.”