Activists slam dog food menu in Philippines

London: Half-a-million dogs in the Philippines end up in restaurants annually after they are snatched from streets and illegally slaughtered to satisfy the growing taste for dog meat, a media report said Sunday.

Customers dine on dog`s head for the equivalent of 2.50 pounds, the reported.

A dish of dog liver costs about 1.80 pounds while a particular favourite, deep fried paws, are just 85 pence.

Bars serve dog meat snacks known as "pulutan" with drinks just as British pub-goers might enjoy a bag of crisps.

The grisly trade flourishes in the north where there is a long tradition of eating dog meat despite warnings from the authorities about the dangers to health and the introduction of jail terms for dog meat traders, the report said.

Simon Powell, of the British-based NGO Network For Animals, which is leading the campaign against the practice, said: "It was bizarre and surreal to see what we regard as man`s best friend and a pet regarded as legitimate food."


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