Adele refuses to pay 75 pounds as helipad fee

London: Adele, who is worth millions, refused to pay 75 pounds to land her helicopter in a country side hotel helipad, as she felt that the fee was ‘too expensive’. Hotelier Peter Hands said that he was stunned when he got a call asking if Adele’s chopper could use his helipad in the heart of the Forest of Dean, Glos. But Hands, who runs the historic Speech House Hotel near Cinderford, was even more shocked when the caller told him the 75 pounds fee was too much and that they would look elsewhere.

“We had a call last Sunday morning asking if her helicopter could land on our helipad by the hotel and how much it would cost,” a leading daily has quoted him as saying.

“When I told him there was a standard 75 pounds fee he said that was too much - which is a bit rich coming from one of today’s most successful multi millionaire pop stars. They also asked about arranging a taxi to take her to Mitcheldean for 10am. It was a mystery as to what she was doing in the Forest,” he added.