Adults prefer boozing than time with kids or partners after stressful day

London: A new survey has revealed that stressed adults prefer to kick back with a bottle of wine, rather than spending time with their partners or children.

Six in ten adults said drinking was their top choice after a stressful day, reports the Daily Mail.

While 28 per cent said spending time with their children helped them relax only 26 per cent opted for talking to their partner, according to the poll of 825 adults conducted by industry-funded charity Drinkaware.

It found people battle stress with up to four drinks on a typical evening at home.

More women than men - 73 per cent versus 26 per cent - said stress was the main reason they had a drink at home at the end of the day.

A total of 73 per cent of women said they typically pour themselves a glass of wine to relax.

Some 61 per cent of women surveyed had two or more large glasses of wine on a typical night - more than double the recommended daily unit guidelines for women.

And 61 per cent of men drink at least two pints of beer on an average evening at home.


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