After 90 kids and 17 wives, UAE man wants Indian bride!

Spicezee Bureau

Chennai: Daad Mohammed Al Balushi (65), UAE’s super dad who has 90 children from 17 wives is looking forward to marry an Indian wife.

Talking to a daily, Daad said, “I’m visiting Jaipur next month to replace a leg I lost in an accident with an artificial limb. During my trip to India I hope to find an Indian wife. All my wives are uneducated. I am looking for an Indian bride who is educated and should be in the age group of 18 to 22.”

When enquired why he is choosing an Indian wife, Daad said, “India commands the respect of the world today. There are many women around who want to marry me but I want an Indian girl as Indian women are humane and well raised with solid values.”

According to Shariah law, Balushi can have four wives at a time. However, he has devised a unique way by divorcing and marrying women all the way from Philippines to Morocco.