Agron`s mother upset by her character

Los Angeles: Actress Dianna Agron`s mother became upset after watching her character experience a car crash in a recent episode of the TV series ‘Glee’. Quinn Fabray, Agron`s character in the series, was racing to get to ex-boyfriend Finn`s wedding, and while she was texting and driving simultaneously, her vehicle was shown to be sideswiped by a truck.

The episode went black upon the impact of the crash, causing Agron`s phone to start ringing immediately.

"She (mother) said it seemed so real. She told me, `I feel like you`re dead and I haven`t said my last words,`" Agron told a magazine.

The actress admits she had to let her mother know what becomes of her character.

"I couldn`t make her wait - she`s my mum," a website has quoted Agron as saying.


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