Amanda Seyfried afraid of being typecast

London: Amanda Seyfried says she is anxious about getting typecast as an actress who specialises in romantic-comedies.

The 28-year-old actress has starred in several romantic movies and comedies including `Mamma Mia!`, `Dear John` and `Letters to Juliet`, among others, reportedly.

"If you make two romantic comedies, you`re presumed to do just that," Seyfried said. The `Mean Girls` star took on the role of real life adult movie actress Linda Lovelace in the biopic `Lovelace` last year and she said she took the role very seriously as she wanted to give meaning to the story.

"I wasn`t necessarily afraid of what the public would think of me. I wanted to validate her (Linda) existence and give the most positive version of her that I could," she said.

"I mean, maybe I am tainted by it. But I feel like all that movie did for me was solidify my seriousness," she added.