Amarnath Yatra special: Here's how the famous cave was discovered!

Here's how the divine Lord Amarnath Cave was discovered!

Amarnath Yatra special: Here's how the famous cave was discovered!

New Delhi: Bam Bhole! Yes it is that time of the year when you hear such chants reverberate in the air. One of the most pious and revered pilgrimages of Hindus—Amarnath Yatra has begun. Lord Amarnath cave's holy journey begins from July until August end. Today, we bring to you the two major beliefs associated with how it was discovered:

Many believe that the cave of Lord Amarnath was discovered way back in 15th century by a shepherd.

However, there is another belief attached to the holy discovery which says that once the valley of Kashmir was submerged in water. But, then came a Muni by the name of Bhrigu who drained the valley of all its water. Then he became the first one to worship Lord Amarnath, as he got the first divine darshan. There after, when people came to know about the Lingam which is situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir then the pilgrims from all over the nation started visiting this divine abode of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati!

Situated at a high altitude of 3,888 m (12,756 ft), in Srinagar, you can visit the shrine via Pahalgam town. This pilgrimage site is open for the devotees only for 48 days and the spiritual journey commences from July 2nd until 48 days in the holy month of Shraavana in August.

The journey of Amarnath begins by 'Pratham Pujan' to get the blessings of Shri Amarnath Ji. So, start your Amarnath yatra this season and chant 'Bam Bam Bole'!