Amazing gift ideas that will definitely make your sister happy this Bhai Dooj!

Check out these 5 bestest gift ideas to cheer your sisters this Bhai Dooj!

Amazing gift ideas that will definitely make your sister happy this Bhai Dooj!
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New Delhi: Bhai Dooj marks the last day of the five-day-long Diwali extravaganza. Also known as Bhau-Beej, the special day celebrates the loving bond between siblings and it is celebrated with great zeal across India and Nepal.

On this occasion, sisters apply tilak on their brothers' forehead and bless him with their best wishes.

Here, we bring to you some interesting gift ideas to cheer up your sisters on Bhai Dooj:

Wallet/bag: We all are aware of girls' obsession for bags and wallets. So brothers, this makes an easy pick for you this festive season. Just step in one of those famous bag stores and pick one that suits your sister's taste. Even if she doesn't like your choice, she can always get it replaced. Now, you may take that sigh of relief!

Dress: Have you ever thought of gifting your sister a dress? Why not! When you can be her honest critic on her outfits and what not, then this gives you a good enough reason to turn into your sister's stylist for a day, at least. 

Shoes: Guys are considered to be a better shoe buyer, be it a sports footwear or a formal one. With the winter season coming up, shoes will make a perfect festive gift. Also, if you or your sister are fitness freaks then grabbing the right sports shoe will probably be the best deal. 

Shopping vouchers: If you are a confused brother or scared to experiment with your sister's taste, then gifting her shopping vouchers are the safest deal ever. Simply, give her some of the best brand shopping vouchers to make her festival even brighter.

Cash: We all second the fact that currency is the best gift ever! Sisters love to shop and all they need is a steady cash in hand. So, be the bestest brother by simply flooding her account with whatever amount you or your sister wish. 

We hope these five gifts will serve the purpose!

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