Amy Adams` daughter obsessed with `Superman`

Los Angeles: Actress Amy Adams` daughter was obsessed with Henry Cavill`s Superman costume when she met him on the set of `Man of Steel`.

Three-year-old Aviana loved visiting her mother on the set of `Man of Steel`, in which Adams plays his love interest Lois Lane, and was fascinated with Cavill`s superhero outfit, reported OK! magazine.

"She was always quite shy when I tried to talk to her. She then took the opportunity to actually look at my outfit and she wanted to touch it. So she reached out and she just happened to be at crotch height and she suddenly put her hand out. Amy was horrified, she said `No, you can`t do that," Cavill said.

Adams, who is set to marry fiance Darren Le Gallo, has also said she was charmed by Cavill on the set, and couldn`t help but find him sexy when they filmed romantic scenes together.

"He`s extremely charming and charismatic. It`s very easy to imagine him as Superman because of his look and his presence. Whenever I looked into his eyes, I started giggling because he has this effect on you. I think most women feel the same way about Henry. He`s dreamy," Adams said.