Angelina Jolie`s kids found `Mr and Mrs Smith` funny

London: Hollywood star Angelina Jolie says some of her children found her and fiance Brad Pitt`s hit action film `Mr and Mrs Smith` as the `funnest thing ever`.

The 38-year-old actress raises six children with Pitt and the ones, who have seen the film, which sparked their real life love affair, found it hilarious, reportedly.

"The older ones recently saw `Mr and Mrs Smith` and I think they thought that was the funnest thing they had ever seen," she said.

She also added, "Watching your parents battle it out as spies is one strange child fantasy."

Angelina is set to star in `Maleficent` as the titular villain in the re-imagining of the `Sleeping Beauty` story and her children make her put on the character`s voice at home.

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