Angelina Jolie stunt double sues News Corp over phone hacking

Sydney: A British stunt double for actress Angelina Jolie has sued News Corp. for hacking her phone.

Eunice Huthart, who worked with Jolie on films including `Beyond Borders`, `Tomb Raider II` and `Mr. `n` Mrs. Smith`, filed the lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles, alleging that the media company hired private investigators to access her mobile phone voice-mail messages to seek information for news stories.

According to the June 13 complaint, Huthart claimed that the intercepts occurred while she was working in California in 2004 and 2005, and affected her marriage and family life, the Sydney Morning herald reported.

Huthart also accused News Corp.`s Sun and News of the World newspapers for engaging in phone hacking to boost their profits by publishing and exploiting news articles concerning the private and confidential affairs of individuals.