Angelina Jolie warned Johnny Depp not to marry Amber Heard

ANI| Updated: Apr 16, 2014, 15:26 PM IST

New Delhi: Johnny Depp got some relationship advice from none other than Angelina Jolie.

Jolie had pleaded with Depp to get a prenuptial agreement before his wedding to Amber Heard.

According to MVP Entertainment, the 38-year-old star thinks that the 50-year-old `Pirates of the Caribbean` actor, who recently confirmed his engagement to Heard, might be going through a midlife crisis and has become enchanted the young actress, who`s only 27.

Depp is currently promoting his upcoming movie `Transcendence`, which centers on an artificial intelligence researcher who strives to create a machine that possesses sentience and collective intelligence.

Christopher Nolan is the executive producer on the sci-fi project which hits the Indian theaters on April 18, 2014.