Anhalt to sell Gabor`s clothes to pay bills

London: Zsa Zsa Gabor`s husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt is reportedly planning to sell the 94-year-old`s $600,000 collection of fur coats to pay for her ever-increasing medical bills.

"Why should I pay $1,200 a year? The furs don`t get better with age and I need lots of money to pay bills so I`m going to sell them. I`m sure the animal lovers will be upset by this sale but what am I going to do with them," reports Anhalt as saying.

"Zsa Zsa is an animal lover too so I was surprised she even bought the coats. She will never wear them again. The doctor says she will never get out of bed so I want the coats out of our life," said Anhalt, the actress` ninth spouse.

Gabor has been in and out of hospital since suffering from two blood clots following a hip surgery last year.

Then she was admitted to the UCLA Medical Centre after doctors became concerned she may lose her life if her leg wasn`t amputated and while the procedure was largely considered to be a success, she has been receiving round-the-clock care ever since being allowed to return to her Los Angeles estate Jan 22.