Anna Kournikova gave own clothes to beau Enrique Iglesias` `stalker`

London: Enrique Iglesias has revealed that recently when a half-naked obsessive fan swum across a dangerous channel to see him, his girlfriend Anna Kournikova gave the shivering female her own clothes.

While explaining the incident to the Mirror, the ` Hero ` hit maker said that one can only get to his house by water and he was very surprised when he saw the fan wandering around at his waterfront mansion.

The 38-year-old singer continued saying that the security grabbed the woman and took her to the guard house, but when he went to see her out of concern, he realised that the woman was soaking wet on a cold day.

The hunky crooner asserted that Kournikova was nice enough to give her some clothes and they also took her back to her hotel room and made sure she was fine.

Iglesias added that his girlfriend is very sweet when it comes down to his obsessive female fans and she doesn`t mind when girls come up to him.