April Fools' Day: Tips on how to ROFL others!

April Fools' Day: Tips on how to ROFL others!
Pic Courtesy: Thinkstock Images (Image used for representational purpose only)

It is the FOOLS' day and we all are loving it! After all we get one day in a year to play pranks upon other and especially knowing that they will not get mad at us.

Today, we give you tips on how to play some cool pranks:

You can call your colleague in office saying you won't turn up for work, citing personal reason and surprise them in a happy way by walking slyly to the cabin.!

You play several food pranks with your family members. We know what you are thinking naughty brains!

You can even play the age old hide-and-seek formula with your buddies however, telling them later and the priced possession is lying with you!

Scare your friends by either using plastic insects or cut-outs which look as real as it get can. Let them shout and scream—you will have the last laugh my dear!

And finally, we fooled you in making you READ all this!

Laugh Out Loud, as FOOLS' day is here—April 1!

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