Are you in a narcissistic relationship? Here are top 5 signs

Check out top signs of being in a narcissistic relationship.

Are you in a narcissistic relationship? Here are top 5 signs
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Have you ever felt like you are in a relationship where you have to constantly keep wary of even the smallest thing? Do you always have to always worry about what your partner is thinking and they are constantly giving you the feels that they are superior to you? If your answer is yes to both the questions, then it is possible that you are in a narcissistic relationship. Narcissism is defined as the trait of loving oneself. Therefore, in such a relationship, one might get overshadowed by their partner's overbearing demeanour. So instead of succumbing to a narcissistic relationship, you must identify its signs and try to come out of it. Read on to find out the top signs:

'Me, Me and only Me':

If your partner is too much into themselves – so much so that your day's conversation begins with something about your partner and even ends there, it's time to get a hint.

Endless selfies:

Research has already shown that clicking selfies and narcissism are closely linked. If you are with a partner who keeps on obsessing over selfie – there's no need to explain any further.

They prefer their own group of friends:

They love to hang out – but they will only hang out if it is their set of friends, or at least people that they like. So, if you are thinking of taking a friend along that he/she doesn't like – you will end up in a brawl.

Particular about everything:

They are obsessed about everything you do. But not necessarily in a positive manner. From the colour of your nail paint to your tie pattern – if they don't like it – they DONT. Meaning? Trouble, of course!

Lack of empathy:

Narcissistic lovers are often hard to distinguish from those who are selfish and showing no empathy. Even if you are in trouble, your partner would seem to care less and focus on issues that are central to them.